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In the first half of 2022, hackers stole almost $2 billion from crypto projects

The Ethereum ecosystem suffered the most — losses of more than $1 billion during 32 incidents. The biggest was the hacking of the Ronin sidechain involved in the Axis Infinity NFT game. The attackers removed approximately $625 million worth of assets from the project's cross-chain bridge.

The second place in the list was taken by the Solana network with related projects. Hackers stole $383.9 million in just five attacks. In this case, a large share of the damage fell on the Wormhole cross-chain protocol — over $319 million.

During the half-year, NFT projects brought attackers $84.6 million as a result of 45 incidents, and the losses of the Fantom ecosystem due to just eight attacks amounted to $54.8 million.

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